Harput Castle (Süt (Milk) Castle) The historical Harput castle is located at the southeast of the ancient city of Harput, at a position dominating the Elazığ plain. It is a known fact that this historical castle was build in the period of Urartu civilization. The castle was conquered by Romans, Byzantine and Arabians as stated in the historical documents.
There are various legends rumored about the historical castle. According to one rumor, milk was used instead of water at the construction of the castle as the component of the plaster and therefore the castle is also called as Süt (milk) castle beside Harput Castle.
Mosques and Churches
Ulu Cami (Great Mosque) The mosque was constructed by Artuklu Monarch Fahrettin Karaslan in 1156 – 1157 A.D in Harput. and is among the oldest and important structures of Anatolia.
Kurşunlu Cami (Leaded Mosque) The mosque is the most beautiful representative of Ottoman Period mosques in Harput.
Sara Hatun Cami (Lady Sara Mosque) The mosque was constructed by Sara Hatun, who was the mother of Akkoyunlu Monarch Bahadır Khan during the 15th century . The balcony of the mosque is among the most beautiful samples of stone craftsmanship. Although it was constructed as a külliye, only the mosque section is standing in the present day.Meryem Ana Kilisesi (Virgin Mary Church) The church is located at the left side of Harput Castle. It was constructed in 179 A.D . This church is also known as Kızıl Kilise (scarlet church), Süryani Church and Yakubi Church.
Cimşit Hamam It is an Ottoman period structure, located adjacent to Sara Hatun Mosque.

Hazar Lake The lake is located at 22 km. distance to Elazığ at the direction of Elazığ – Diyarbakır highway and is a tectonic lake stuck between Hazar Baba and Astar Mountains. The lake is the most important lake of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Regions with its original beaches. The lake is available for water sports and fishing. Two of the beaches of this lake had attained Blue Flag from the European Environmental Education Society. The lake reflects every shade of blue and green, displaying a different appearance at each hour of the day.
Beside the education and relaxation camps of about approximately 25 public associations and societies around the perimeter of the lake, there are hotels, pensions, restaurants and daily promenade fields certified by the Ministry of Tourism and fishing houses established by the private sector in service for the visitors
The population density around the lake increases during the summer seasons and as an outcome of the researches executed in 1990, a sunken ancient city was discovered inside the lake, attaining a different mystery aspect to the lake. This sunken ancient city was determined to begin around the Church Island of Hazar lake, extending to the Sivrice district. The scientific and archeological studies and researches concerning this ancient sunken city are in progress to determine the history and the reasons of sinking of this city. The lake has no transportation problems and therefore is an important natural wealth serving the inland and foreign tourism in all aspects.
Keban Dam Lake This lake is the biggest artificial lake of Turkey. The activities of fishing and fish production are executed in the Keban Dam Lake. There are numerous promenade places and fish houses at the shores of the Keban Dam Lake where the public can rest and enjoy. The surrounding area of the waterfall known as Çırçır Waterfall, which was formed during the formation of Keban Dam Lake was announced to be a natural park and promenade area.

The most important cave in Elazığ is Buzluk Cave.
Location: It is in the north-east of Harput, at a distance of 11 km from Elazığ. The cave has a view of Keban Dam.
Characteristics: Ice sheets, stalagmites and stalactites are being formed naturally in the cave during summer due to the climatic conditions and air circulation resulting from its geomorphologic characteristics. On the contrary, in winters, it does not form ice because of the hot-air circulation. The cave is thought to be formed by the rocks that have been piled up due to a big collapse.

Ski Resort
Sivrice Hazar Baba
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